Course 4: Final Project Ideas for Course 5

It is the last day of my first year of international teaching, and I’m writing my last blog entry for my first year of Coetail as well. I feel like I’m at both the beginning and the end of a long journey. The year is over. My bulletin boards are stripped, my Moodle and Atlas pages are in order. Everything is packed up for 8 weeks.

But my mind is already 8 weeks ahead, thinking about next year. I got my schedule for next year today. I am teaching 6th and 7th grade French, but not 8th next year. All along I have been planning to do Course 5 centered around my 8th graders because their level of language being more advanced leads to more interesting projects (tech projects as well as traditional). I’ve known for a few weeks that it was likely that I wouldn’t have that class next year, and I’ve started to mull over ways that I can develop a final project with my 6th or 7th graders.

Here are my ideas at this point:

1) Redesign my unit that is the introduction to the past tense, to become a unit focused around digital storytelling. I love the idea. I’m also worried that the level of French in 7th grade is still far too elementary to create digital stories of any degree of interest.

2) Have students create infographics for each unit of a course, and create a digital gallery of the various visual ways of representing the topics covered— perhaps by creating a class blog or website.

3) My final idea is to do something with gamification in the classroom. I read a blog post this week called A New Roll for Avatars: Learning Languages and the creativity behind that idea just amazed me. I had spoken with Laura Blair, our tech integrator at AISC in the fall about how I would like for my kids to play some games in French, but the level of sophistication in this looks like it could be quite impressive. I need to look into it far more before I’m convinced that this is an appropriate final project idea. I would need a way to track my students’ participation and language use within such a program, for example. This is something that I definitely want to explore more.

There are so many fabulous ideas out there in technology. Any other suggestions for a final project for a world language classroom? I’d love other suggestions, as I am in no way set on any of those three ideas! I’ll keep you posted about what I decide when school resumes!

One thought on “Course 4: Final Project Ideas for Course 5

  1. ppframpton

    I love the idea of digital storytelling. Perhaps one way to combat the difficulties that 7th graders limited language skill would be to combine your infographics and digital storytelling ideas and support the development of the stories using sentence starters paragraph frames, graphic organizers the same way we do with students new to English. This way , students are able to achieve higher linguistic complexity. Perhaps a large part of the storytelling could be done by using technology/ the digital platform to ‘illustrate’ the story without using words- through images etc.


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