Course 3: Final Project!

This is my first year teaching internationally. I love a lot about it. Out of all the many things that I love though, my students are at the top of the list. They are amazing! They come to class excited to learn, and the progress they have made this year in French class is impressive. I feel this is particularly true of my beginning level students. In one student’s ePortfolio she made the observation, “At the start of the year I didn’t know any French and now I can tell almost everything I do in a week in French!” It is exciting to see students learn a language from the basics up. This is made even more enjoyable by the fact that my students are such enjoyable people to be around and to teach.

Unfortunately, one downside of teaching internationally is that these amazing students leave too often! As the end of the school year approaches, I feel like I’m learning every week about another kid who will not be returning to AISC next year. I’m sure that I’ll get a number of other wonderful students next year, but right now I’m more than a bit sad to see so many of my current students leaving.

As I think ahead to next year, I know that everyone will be meeting new people. I’ll meet new students. The students who are staying at AISC will meet some new classmates. Those who are moving elsewhere will also meet new peers and new teachers. There will be a lot of introductions.

Before this school year finishes, I want to do a project with my beginning French students to create an infographic that tells about them, what they do in a typical week, and communicates their likes and dislikes. This is a great way for my students to showcase the French they have learned this year in a visually appealing way that they can be proud of. It is also a product that leaving students can use to introduce themselves to new peers and to a new teacher. For students that I will be teaching next year, we can use this in the fall to review and to introduce ourselves to new students.

I am going to begin this project with my students in the next week, and I’ll post an update showing some of the finished projects before the school year is over.



One thought on “Course 3: Final Project!

  1. Julie Rugnetta

    Hi Hannah,

    I am glad I’ve come across another French Language teacher thanks to Coetail! I have been teaching French in International schools for 9 years now and I hope we’ll have some opportunities to share some teaching ideas or to collaborate on some projects. I am also about to finish course 3 and I have really enjoyed learning about visuals. In my latest post, I am describing a end of year final project with my students that looks like what you envision doing with yours. I’ve posted some students’ work and I would love to have some feedback from another language teacher and maybe sharing different ways to do this project. Let’s keep in touch!


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