Infographics in Class

The Route of Seine, Paris

by juditsolsona.
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I have not used an infographic yet in my class, and it is time that changes. This is one that I could use in my unit about planning future vacations. I will share this with students, and have them use it as one tool when planning how they would spend a few days in Paris. I particularly like that this one includes information about potential waiting time to get into some commonly visited sites, instead of only listing the sites. Students can talk about the prices, the views they would see, the wait time to enter a site, and how much time they could spend in each place.

In searching for an infographic to use, I noticed a few things that I want to keep in mind when I create an infographic on my own. The first one is that many infographics seem to actually be vision tests in disguise. Wow. I actually have pretty good vision, but I think the past hour I spent trying to read some infographics may have done some permanent damage! Some of the infographics I found looked interesting, but I could not read the smaller print. I found it very frustrating, and it is something I definitely want to avoid in my own creation of an infographic. My other observation is that an infographic needs to contain enough substance to be interesting or thought-provoking, but not so much information or so many visuals that it becomes overwhelming. I’m glad I spent some time looking at so many infographics, because it makes me appreciate the clarity of those I have seen posted on other Coetail blogs. I can read them, and they give me useful and interesting information! Hopefully I can make one myself and have it turn out as well as many of those I have already seen. If you haven’t seen them yet, check out Laura, Rob, Flor, or Seth‘s infographics for some great examples!

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  1. Laura

    Infographics are so popular now. The school has a membership to Piktochart but we’ve filled up our upload space. I am thinking about getting memberships for each teacher that wants to use it next year. Piktochart is charging crazy prices for the educational/student version. I just can’t see paying for a service that not all students are going to use when it’s 3 times the amount of any other web tool subscription. Anyone else know of a service that is comparable to Piktochart that is cheaper. I looked at and I’m not sold on it.


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