Monthly Archives: September 2013

Thinking about Connectivism

I read the article “Connectivism: A Learning Theory for the Digital Age,” by George Siemens. This article discusses various traditional learning theories, and the limitations of working within those theories in our modern interconnected age. The author explains that information now ages into no longer being current within a typical period of only 18 months. This implies that students need to learn more about how to get new information than just learn information as a static truth. I was amazed by how fast much information really does become outdated! I completely agree with the author when he writes, “As knowledge continues to grow and evolve, access to what is needed is more important than what the learner currently possesses.” At the same time, I do also believe that students must have a firm grasp on traditional bases of knowledge. The author also says, “The pipe is more important than the content within the pipe,” when talking about getting new information to our students, and I think that goes a bit beyond what I believe. I think that both the pipe and the content within the pipe are important for our students.

Hopes for the course

I hope to become more confident and competent in using technology to increase student learning.

I hope to widen my knowledge base of the tools that exist and which ones best apply to various goals in a language class.

I hope to become a source that my students can go to for technology help, instead of having them guide me!

I hope to learn ways to organize my digital information for my classes in ways that it is more accessible and user friendly for me and for students. Right now I feel like I know about some individual tools, but my knowledge is segmented and I don’t have a vision for how to tie them together in coherent ways.

I hope to complete the Masters degree option.